3 Reasons Why Small Offices Should Hire Cleaners

3 Reasons Why Small Offices Should Hire Cleaners

No matter how big or small your business is, when you arrive at work your focus should be just that — your work! The last thing on your mind should be how clean your office is — whether the sink smells, the garbage is piling up, the coffee pot is looking worse for wear — these are all things that can affect the morale at work. But as a small business or small office, sometimes budget lines add up and it can be tempting to consider cutting the office cleaning team. But before you do, let’s go over these 3 reasons why even small offices should hire cleaners!

1. You and your team are lean — you get a lot done in a day and you’re extremely productive. So, don’t allocate valuable time that could be spent making more deals and helping clients to doing odd jobs like taking out the recycling or vacuuming the hall. Allowing your team to focus on what they do best means your business will grow faster. Hiring an office cleaner is an investment in the future of your company!

2. If you consider the hourly rate your employees are paid and multiply that by the amount of time they spend tidying up, then you might find you’re actually spending more paying them to clean! Even if it you’re only asking them to do a small amount each day, that time can add up over the week. Consider doing a quick audit of total time your team is spending doing office cleaning.

3. It’s statistically proven — happy employees have higher job satisfaction and tend to stay at their place of employment longer. Consider that by hiring an office cleaner for your small office, you’re keeping up morale and workplace positivity; therefore, you’ll have less employee turnover.

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