5 Things to Know About Our House Cleaning Services in Calgary

5 Things to Know About Our House Cleaning Services in Calgary

If you are looking for cleaning services in Calgary, you are not alone. Many people look for a cleaning service that they can count on. It’s important to be able to trust your house cleaning service and know that it is going to provide a high-quality service. We offer that promise to our commercial and residential customers and always have.

When it comes to evaluating house cleaning services in Calgary, it’s a good idea to know what we have to offer at Two Peas Cleaning. Here are five things to know about our cleaning services:

  • We have built a solid reputation for our customer service. We know what clients want, and we aim to give it to them. We have a standard cleaning list that we follow, but if you have special requests, we are always happy to accommodate you.
  • Whenever possible, we use natural cleaning supplies. This is important to us because it helps to protect us, you, and your family. When it’s not possible, simply because they won’t always do the job well enough, then we turn to some commercial products that you are likely familiar with.
  • Our focus is always on quality. When you pay us to do your house cleaning or to clean your commercial building, we want you to be happy with the finished product.
  • How often you have the cleaning done is up to you. Some people opt for weekly, while others opt for biweekly. We also provide deep cleaning for move-outs in Calgary, as well as for commercial clients.
  • We believe in being honest and doing the right thing, even if nobody is looking. When you hire us for your cleaning services in Calgary, you can rest assured that we are reliable and dependable.

We put our customers first and always will. Valuing our clients, we want to keep them for a long time, so we will go above and beyond to ensure they are happy. Whether you need office or home cleaning services in Calgary, we have you covered. We have a standard list of what gets cleaned, and we are happy to provide it to you ahead of time. You can also add on extras if you have specific things that you’d like done that are not on the list.

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