Airbnb Cleaning

We understand how important it is for your Airbnb to be spotless, and how negative reviews can affect your rental. We have teams available and we’re ready to accommodate the small check-out and check-in windows that can occur with these types of rentals. We change linens, clean dishes, complete laundry and do anything else required to prepare your rental for its next visitors. We also take pictures to help you keep track of your property and any potential damage caused by your tenants. We recommend having two sets of sheets/duvets and extra towels, and we can make purchases required to restock your rental. Including top-of-the-line vacuums, we have everything we need to make your rental spotless.

You can also be reimbursed for some of your cleaning costs by adding a customary cleaning fee to your rental — this option is conveniently available on the Airbnb website. The average cleaning fee charge is $80 for apartments and $100 – $140 for houses.

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