Calgary House Cleaning Quote | Dispelling Some Myths

Calgary House Cleaning Quote | Dispelling Some Myths

One of the biggest reasons people don’t hire house cleaners is that they are unsure of the cost. How much will it be? For how long do I have to commit? What if my circumstances change and I can’t afford it? Do Calgary house cleaners have to come every week? When it all comes out in the wash, the barrier to gifting yourself with a Calgary home cleaner is the cost and the ability to decide if you want to go ahead with a commitment. Therefore, you need an accurate house cleaning quote — we’re going to dispel a few myths about what hiring a great home cleaner is like!

It’s Too Expensive – It can seem like paying between $75 to $150 a week is a hefty additional household expense. But do a little reflecting — how many hours a week do you spend cleaning? How many times a day do you feel overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization? How often do you find yourself asking, “when am I going to find time to clean this?” That worry and stress adds up. If you consider what your hourly rate of pay at your place of employment is, then consider how much time a messy house eats away at you, you might find that you’re actually overpaying for Calgary home cleaning with your personal time!

I’m Too Uncertain to Get a Quote – Getting a Calgary house cleaning quote is totally painless when you come to Two Peas Cleaning — we’re more than happy to come to your home (when you have availability) to give you an idea of what the time and cost of having your house cleaned would be. No hassle, no commitment, no reason to feel uncertain! It’s just an hour of your time.

Once I Commit, I Can’t Change Anything – Not true at all! First and foremost, at Two Peas Cleaning, we’re people — we understand that circumstances beyond your control change the way you structure your budget. Our ultimate goal is to make you happy with our services, so if you have us over for a Calgary home cleaning quote and find that coming once a week is too often, then we can easily adjust our collaborative schedule. It takes time to find a perfect fit for both parties involved and being flexible is one of our best qualities.

So, if you’re ready to take the leap and gift yourself the ease of a cleaner home, call Two Peas Cleaning for a Calgary house cleaning quote!