Calgary Move Out Clean — How to Pre-Clean Your Home

Calgary Move Out Clean — How to Pre-Clean Your Home

The deep clean your home needs after you move out is exhausting, not to mention extra grimy! Your home has so many hidden spots that are hard to get to on a regular basis. After you’ve packed all your boxes and moved all your furniture, all that’s left is the dirt that has been accumulating for months, years even (gasp!) decades!

You can make life a little less hectic; there are a few places in your home you can pre-clean before your big moving day. If your home is for sale, these deep cleans can make your house seem more appealing to potential buyers. If you’re renting or moving homes, then taking the time before you proceed to clean out these nooks and crannies will make your move out clean so much easier!

Closet Floors

Pull out all your shoes, piles of books and boxes of scarves, and give your closet floor a good vacuum. Those dust bunnies will fly right up. While you’re at the bottom of the closet, you might as well wipe down the closet baseboards, and give the walls a quick wipe down as well!

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

While you wait for your chicken to cook, put on a podcast and give the doors of your cabinets a good scrub, both inside and out. You’d be surprised how much dirt and grime build up on those handles! It’s a finicky job that might take a few minutes, so doing it before your move out clean means you could save up to half-hour on your moving day!

Bathroom Corners

We don’t just mean the floor corners — grab an old toothbrush with a bleach solution to get the spots where the countertops meet the wall and where the tub meets the tile. Cleaning the crevices is what will drive you the craziest with your move out clean, so save yourself some time and hassle by doing all the corners and hidden spots in the weeks leading up to your move! If you’re feeling energized, use that toothbrush to do the grout and the top of the baseboards as well!

If all this sounds like a lot of work — trust us, it is! — let Two Peas Cleaning handle your entire move out clean. As soon as your last box goes out the front door, we’ll tackle the rest! For a complete quote on your move out clean, contact Two Peas Cleaning.