Calgary Move Out Cleaning Services – What’s a Pre-Move Out Clean?

Calgary Move Out Cleaning Services – What’s a Pre-Move Out Clean?

When you think about moving out of your home, what brings up the most dread? Packing up your stuff? Trying to figure out what to purge and what to bring with you to your new home? Having to be ready to leave your home at any time for a showing to a new potential resident? Or — be honest — is it the idea that you’re going to have to clean your entire house, top to bottom, every nook and cranny, before you can finally say farewell to it?

When you’re thinking of move out cleaning services, you might think that’s only something to budget for once all your stuff is gone and is on its way to your new home. But have you ever thought of getting a pre-move out cleaning service? As your home gets ready for new dwellers, set yourself up for a relaxed experience by having Two Peas Cleaning come in to give your home a thorough move out cleaning 6 weeks to a month before you move out. That way, when the landlord or realtor calls with an impromptu showing, all you need to do is give the sink a good wipe down. There are no surprises, no stress cleaning (because there is no cleaning worse than stress cleaning) — all you need to do is wander down the block to your favourite coffee shop.

Organizing your closets to make them seem as spacious as possible, making sure the laundry room smells fresh and crisp and that when prospects open up your cupboards, they’ll marvel at how organized (and perfectly lovely!) you must be. Bringing in Two Peas Cleaning for a pre-move out cleaning service is an ideal way to get a step ahead of your moving experience.

When it comes time to pack up your rooms, starting with a clean slate will make packing and prepping feel more manageable. Clothes that are neatly folded can just be dropped into boxes, drawer content that is already organized can simply be slid into a shoebox, and if your china has been polished and cleaned, then you know all that’s left is that final step of sticking the packing tape over the top of the box.

To find out just how easy we can make your move out cleaning process, contact Two Peas Cleaning for an easy, no-commitment quote.