Don’t Be Shy, Ask for A Quote! | Calgary House Cleaning Quote

Don’t Be Shy, Ask for A Quote! | Calgary House Cleaning Quote

In this day and age, calling for a quote is a little bit off-putting. Our personal information has become so sacred, it’s hard to get excited about giving yet another company your name and phone number. When you’re on the hunt for a new house cleaner and you read on a website “free, no obligation Calgary house cleaning quote” — what’s stopping you from making the call? We’re dispelling a few fears that you might have about picking up the phone and calling for a free house cleaning quote.

Unsure of What Happens at a Consultation: The process of a free, no obligation house cleaning quote is actually pretty simple. We will arrive at your house at a pre-arranged time, and pop in to get a feel for what kind of help you think you might need. Whether it’s your kitchen floors or basement baseboards, we’ll go through any area of the house that’s driving you crazy and give you an idea of how much time it will take to clean it and what that cost might be. Does your house have to be sparkling clean when we arrive? Not at all! (Because, trust us, no matter how messy your house is, we’ve seen worse!) Do you have to commit to our service on the spot? Not at all! Do you have to offer us a cup of tea? Not at all — but we’ll always take one! Consultations can range anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the size of your home and the scope of your cleaning needs, so make sure to block off a little bit of time!

Fear of Constant Follow-Ups: That’s not something you need to worry about when you contact Two Peas Cleaning for a house cleaning quote. We respect your time and your privacy — while we’ll give you a quick shout to get your thoughts after the initial consultation, you won’t be hearing from us months later!

Fear of Having Your Information Sold: Those dreaded moments when your phone rings, you don’t know the number but you pick up anyways, and that moment of silence when the phone connects through to either a robo-call or a solicitor. You phone number has been sold and for days or even weeks, you’re declining calls from mystery numbers. At Two Peas Cleaning, we GUARANTEE that we will never sell your information to anyone!

<CALL TO ACTION> So now that you feel a little more empowered to pick up the phone and book a Calgary house cleaning quote, give us a shout!