Three Ways to Ensure a Great Relationship with a Calgary Home Cleaning Services Company

Three Ways to Ensure a Great Relationship with a Calgary Home Cleaning Services Company

Hiring a professional for your Calgary home cleaning services can seem daunting when you first start. Letting a stranger into your home (often when you aren’t there) can make you feel uneasy. Additionally, how can you know if that professional will clean your home the way you like it? Many people feel inconvenienced giving cleaners a ‘trial period,’ wherein both parties can spend a few weeks communicating needs and expectations to grow a great, mutually-beneficial relationship. So how can you optimize your time and get great Calgary home cleaning services right from the start?

Referrals and Testimonials

Before you even contact a Calgary home cleaning services team, having a reference or reading testimonials from clients who have had a great experience is one way to determine if that team has the professionals for you. Friendly, punctual, thorough — those are all qualities to look for when you’re researching a new cleaning team. If a cleaning company doesn’t have testimonials on their website, it’s not uncommon to give them a call and ask for them; most companies will be more than happy to provide them! Click here to visit our testimonials page!

First Meetings

Almost all Calgary home cleaning services will come over for a first meeting to give you a chance to get to know them and provide a quote for the cost of your weekly or monthly cleaning needs. When you meet the cleaner, trust your gut — do you like the energy they give off? Does the way they communicate resonate with you? Would you trust them having the code to your door? Your instincts will tell you a lot about how the relationship can grow, too. Click here to book your free quote!

Clarity of Expectations

The number one thing you can do to ensure the Calgary home cleaning services professionals you hire will provide you with the best experience possible is to be extremely clear on how you like things cleaned. If there is a certain way you want your canisters arranged on your countertops or specific products that are to be used in cleaning your tub, then empower your cleaners with that knowledge so they can get it right from the start! Click here to see our blog full of cleaning ideas and tips!

Following these three tips will mean you speed up the process of finding a great Calgary home cleaning services team; and starting off on the right foot will be the foundation for a productive and successful professional relationship!