Three Cleaning Tools that Are Great to Have Around the House

Three Cleaning Tools that Are Great to Have Around the House

To keep your house spic-and-span between visits from your Calgary home cleaners, you don’t need to spend a fortune on supplies and tools. If you pop open your cupboards, there’s a good chance that you already have many of the items you need (and that your Calgary home cleaners already use!) to keep things fresh before your next deep clean. So, what are some of our favourite tricks of the trade?


There’s no handier scrubber than an old toothbrush. Perfect for grout, the grime around your faucet, caked on food on the kitchen floor, and for cleaning out the funky stuff that gets into the buttons of the remote, there’s almost no harder worker than a toothbrush! Its long neck and narrow head can get into hard to reach places, and it’s one of the cheapest tools you can get yourself. So instead of throwing away your toothbrush next time, recycle it and save it in a zip lock for those touch-ups!

White Vinegar

If all natural and chemical free is what you’re after, then you probably already know the wonders of white vinegar. It zaps odors, so it’s perfect for keeping your drain fresh and for rinsing out garbage cans — those jobs that need to happen between visits from your Calgary home cleanersClick here to see our blog on keeping your drain clean during the summer months!  It’s also great for cleaning glass — next time, instead of Windex, grab some white vinegar and water, and wipe your windows clean with that solution and a piece of newspaper for an absolutely streak-free shine!

Dry Mop

This might sound crazy, but there are still plenty of people out there with hardwood floors that have never used a dry mop! A wide brim mop that picks up dust bunnies and dirt is handier to use than a vacuum (no cord or bulky canister) and a lot more efficient than a broom (you’re really just pushing it along, as opposed to sweeping). Calgary home cleaners love dry mops — you can walk an entire floor pushing dirt around, then shake out and dust bust the gathered debris up. As an added bonus, many styles of dry mops come with reusable heads, meaning you can pop it in the washer and it will be as good as new for your next appointment with your Calgary home cleaners!